The Reflection of a Guest Editor

editorThe bitter irony in writing this is that I am immediately confronted with the problem I have discussed so frequently in my articles ‘’how do I put it into words?’’. Well, the learning of having to limit myself and make my writing accessible may indeed help me to combat this key issue, and has been a highly valuable experience!

I feel that being guest guest editor for the Lancashire writing hub has allowed me to fall in love with writing all the more – especially in viewing the work of others, such as the great amount of excellent poetry. I have felt comfortable from the onset of the experience, as the friendliness of the people using the Hub is inspiring and has fuelled my hopes of continuing to contribute and stay in touch.

However, one relationship which has posed somewhat of a struggle has been between myself and the computer. After many harsh words, betrayals and breakages (and multiple cups of tea), I am happy to say that a tolerant relationship has now been reached. In terms of computers however, I really appreciate all the valuable skills I have learned in terms of the management of websites – and my own articles, which I now recognise can be quite convoluted at times!

One of the key areas I have continued to enjoy is reading the work of others and sharing my own work also – I think that the capacity of The Hub to embrace writers and their writing is amazing, and I have felt so privileged to work amongst so many writers displaying such inspiring creativity. Being Guest guest editor (Microsoft spell check is not enjoying the  repetition of ‘guest’ but I think it is a wonderful title!) has not only allowed me to realise new extents of my creativity, but to embark on a learning experience of the awareness of audience and making my articles accessible for others. In turn, I appreciate very single person reading what I have written.

It is major passion of mine that all people, regardless of background, should be able to embrace creativity in a form which they feel is accessible to them, and I hope that people perceive this in my work. I have loved writing the articles and short stories I have contributed, and I hope that they have stimulated thought in terms of the extensive potentials of reading and writing. To write for and edit the Hub, has allowed me to realise that it is a place of such great potential and encouragement to writers, and I thank all of those who have made my experience here possible. Many thanks especially to Jane Brunning, without whom this fantastic experience would not have been possible.

I look forward to reading more writing on The Hub in the future and feel very proud that Lancashire holds such a diverse and welcoming community for writing – which is to me, the most rewarding activity that can pursued, and my experience here at The Lancashire writing Hub has certainly solidified my opinion.

Thank you everyone and good luck with your writing in the future!

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