Kirkham Community Fiction Anthology: call for submissions

Call for Submissions


Kirkham Library

Community Fiction Anthology

Do you enjoy writing poems or short stories? Would you like to try? We are inviting the Kirkham community to contribute to an anthology of fiction, which will hopefully be published online towards the end of the year. We are interested in how you see the place where you live – whether it’s in the town of Kirkham itself or the surrounding countryside. Which places are important to you and why? Is there a street, a building, a river, a wood that holds some significance for you? What was Kirkham like when you were growing up? What was it like during the War? How does it feel to be a young person in Kirkham? How has the place changed? Could you put these thoughts and ideas into a poem or a short story?

If you’d like to be a part of this exciting new project, please take an entry form and, if you’d like some guidance about how to start writing, come along to our free creative writing workshop here at Kirkham Library.

Workshop with Sarah Schofield – Thursday 18 October 7:00-9:00 pm. Sarah will be using photographs and artefacts to help you write about family, history and memory.

Please note: This workshop is for people aged 16+, places are limited and booking is essential. Please pick up a ticket from Kirkham Library or call 01772 684479 to reserve a place.

Submission Rules: Some Frequently Asked Questions…

Who can enter?  Anyone over the age of 16

What can I write?  You can submit poems or short stories

How many pieces can I submit?  You can enter a maximum of two poems or one short story

How long do these pieces of writing need to be?  Poems should be no more than 25 lines and short stories no more than 1500 words

How do I enter? All work should be typed (not handwritten) and handed in to Kirkham Library before 5:00 pm on Friday 16 November 2012. A completed entry form must be attached to each submission and your name should be on each sheet of paper you hand in. Alternatively, you can email your submission to Please send your entry in the body of the email not as an attachment.  Any emails with attachments will be automatically deleted. Please put your name and the title of the work in the subject line. By sending submissions by email you are agreeing to abide by the submission rules and confirming that the work is entirely your own.

What should I write about?  We would like you to write about Kirkham and/or the surrounding areas. This might involve writing about the town itself, the rural landscape, family life, streets and buildings, local myths and folklore. You might want to write about the past, present or future. Style and approach is entirely up to you, but we are looking for pieces that are lively and interesting to read.

How will you decide what is published?  Essentially, we are looking for an interesting mix of ‘voices’, young and old, that express different experiences of living in this area. So we will select work that reflects that aim. Please rest assured that if your work is not chosen it doesn’t mean it wasn’t any good, although because of time restrictions we won’t be able to discuss why it wasn’t included. However, if the anthology is successful, then there may be an opportunity for us to include it in another edition.

Is there anything I can’t write about?  As this is a community anthology and will be read by a wide range of people, we will not accept anything that we deem to be offensive to that community. Any work that contains inappropriate language or we consider to be in any way libellous or prejudiced against race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or disability will be rejected.

I’ve never written anything before…I’m not sure where to start! Why not come along to our free creative writing workshop mentioned above. Also, one of the best ways to learn how to write is to read what others have done and find writers that strike a chord with you. All our libraries have collections of poems and short stories, and our librarians will be happy to help you find something inspiring!


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