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I am thrilled to have been allowed the opportunity to write for the Lancashire Writing Hub and take the role as Guest Editor – so many thanks to Jane Brunning who has been a continuous support along the way, and also to John Rutter who has allowed me to steal a week off him in terms of editing (which I feel a little guilty for – and considering the standard he has set which I have to follow, perhaps even more so!).

I am currently a student at Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School Sixth Form in Waterfoot in Lancashire and I am eager to explore and show the capacities of young writers in Lancashire, and explore the accessibility for a medium which has continued to enthral me over the years (I still have the oh-so-fond memories of being read ‘The Listeners’ by Walter-De-La-Mere in bed – and I have been obsessed with poetry ever since!) I am an avid reader of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, and I am especially interested in coverage of the ‘taboo’, especially in fiction, so if anyone has any queries or comments – they are more than welcome!

This entry is written  in first person primarily because I am a writer hugely interested in the subjective appreciation of literature and writing – with a focus on the mind and emotive response (and also when writing in third –person its somehow feels to me that I am writing my own obituary!) It  is this emotive aspect of writing and the thrill of our relationship with language I aim to explore this week in terms of illuminating younger writers, as well as encouraging others to expand on their literary boundaries, by using my own writing to examine the social and cultural factors behind some key literary pieces.

I am extremely passionate about the capacity for creativity in every individual, and actively encourage anyone to contact me in terms of reviewing pieces or looking at their work – I believe that language and the people who create it add to the very textures of experience and inspiration.

Many thanks to all who have made this possible and I am extremely excited in terms of everything to come this week! If anyone is interested, my blog address  is 

where there are some poetry and short story extracts waiting to be explored too!


Emily’s “Guest” Guest Editorship 16th-22nd July 2012 was made possible by the kind support of John D Rutter, Guest Editor for July and August 2012, and Emily was supported in her role for the week by Jane Brunning.

Jane said, “I was impressed from the start by Emily’s ideas, her planning, and her professionalism, and think she has been a fantastic Guest Editor. She had strong ideas of the issues she was interested in and followed these through with her own articles, including her illuminating interview with other young writers,  as well as with the articles she commissioned from her fellow students. Emily produced an incredibly impressive volume of work in just a week, and which was of a very high standard, and working with her has been a real pleasure!

Emily’s own articles published during her Guest Editorship are:

Articles Emily commissioned from others during her placement are:

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  1. J A Brunning says:

    Off to a cracking start, Emily!

    I’m really looking forward to the rest of your week as the ‘Guest’ Guest Editor!


  2. Emily Oldfield says:

    Many thanks Jane!
    Have my tea now as I write – a winning combination!

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