Prestwich Book Festival 2012

Prestwich Book Festival: the UK’s newest micro literary book festival

Full details here:
The festival will highlight the wealth of literary talent on the north side of Manchester, in Lancashire and beyond. The line up includes:
17 May 2012 at The Church Inn:  a host of bloggers and new writing talent  – including the very lovely Claire Massey, Kate Feld, Ben Judge, Aaron Gow and Sarah Clare Conlon.

30 May and 17th June 2012 at Aumbry: Emma Jane Unsworth, reading , while the restaurant’s chefs serve up a meal based on food in her debut novel Hungry, the Stars and Everything (sadly, both these Aumbry events are sold out)

17th June 2012 at the Church Inn, Prestwich: Glastonbury 2011 poet-in-residence Longfella (aka Tony Walsh) and friends storming 
31 May 2012 at teashop Time for Tea: debut novelist Alexandra Singer reading (see Alexandra’s amazing story here:
 23 May 2012 at Prestwich Library: Sherry Ashworth and Gill James (both young adult writers)
7 June 2012 at new craft store Ellie Magpie: a creative writing workshop, led by me Ebba Brooks
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  1. Peter Toctan says:

    Never heard of flash fiction before: what a load of tosh!! Just a load of mediocre people with boring lives and jobs using the internet to read utter rubbish.

    Whatever happened to real writers!!

  2. kimmcgowan says:

    You’re probably right, Peter.

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